The Golden Rules to Have Great Hair Every Time

on Sep 9, 2017

The Golden Rules to Have Great Hair Every TimeYour hair accentuates your look and style. Having a bad hair despite a good outfit ruins the entire getup and will not give you the look you would want to achieve. If you want to maintain that perfect impression, taking care of your hair will not just add to your good looks and glamour, but will also leave your friends...

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Choosing a Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

on Aug 19, 2017

Choosing a Makeup Artist for Your Wedding There are many things you will need during your wedding preparations and one thing you cannot forgo is looking for a professional makeup artist. While you may see it as an added expense, it is important that you have the right makeup for your wedding. If you get riddled with nerves or you don’t have the experience in doing...

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Personal Touch On Your Hair And Your Heart

on Jul 13, 2017

Personal Touch On Your Hair And Your HeartAs the official hair specialists of Encinitas, California, Salon Paradigm gives you the personal touch that you always wanted out of your salon. Everyone knows that your hair says a lot about who you are. The way you are treated in a salon can make or break the whole experience in a salon. This is why you want to choose a...

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Top 5 Beauty Tips for That Special Event

on Jun 23, 2017

Whether it is your wedding, birthday, Mother’s Day, graduation, pageant, or any other special event, you want to spruce up your look. Having a few tips up your sleeves can help make your day. Make sure that the beauty regime you go for is effective and efficient. The goal is to have a clean as well as a healthy-looking skin complimented with the hair and makeup of...

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Refreshing Your Look for Spring

on May 13, 2017

Refreshing Your Look for SpringOnce spring arrives, many women begin to wish for a change in appearance. From hair color to cut, there are many ways to change the way you look, welcoming in the new season with a fresh appearance. Read on to see what changes you can do to your hair to revive your look and enjoy a new do! HaircutWhen spring arrives, the temperatures...

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Beautiful Bride and Awesome Groom Styling at Encinitas, California

on Apr 24, 2017

The Big Day is near. Bride and groom want to look their best, and yet have a moment to relax, knowing all is well, all is ready, and they only need to look great and happy. It’s definitely smart to leave your looks to the experts. Fuss no more. Look your brightest best, your most beautiful and handsome selves on the day you have both planned and waited for, whole...

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