Why You Should Consider the Services of a Professional Hairstylist

on Jan 14, 2017

You could either choose to get a professional hairstylist to make your hair looking fabulous or you could get any stylist cut your hair the way you ask them to. There are numerous benefits to choosing the services of a professional. Experiment with New Styles With a professional hair stylist you can try a wide range of hair styles. A professional stylist stays...

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Changing Up Your Hairstyle for Winter

on Dec 19, 2016

During the winter months, it is not uncommon for women to decide to change up their look. The colder months make you ready for a change but how should you style your hair now that the temperatures are colder? There are many ways to change up your look that will cost very little but make a big impact. Read on to see how you can look great with a different hairstyle....

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Salon Paradigm, Your One Stop Beauty Destination.

on Nov 24, 2016

We all want to look our best and be pampered once in awhile. In the middle of the hustle and bustle of daily life it is much needed that we take care of ourselves and treat ourselves. If  you desire to indulge in a hair care routine, or spike up your look with a new haircut and, highlight, Salon Paradigm is the place for you. At Salon Paradigm we give you excellent...

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Learn How to Pamper Yourself with Salon Services

on Oct 12, 2016

As the years go by, it can be easy to let yourself go. From wearing little to no makeup or never fixing your hair, it can be easy to get in a beauty slump. By learning how to pamper yourself again, you can figure out how to look your best and feel good about yourself. Today’s salon services are quick and painless, allowing you to easily book a hair, nail, makeup or...

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4 Hairstyles for Women In Their 40s

on Sep 5, 2016

One would ask how the hairstyles for women in their 40s should look? Fashionable and professional, shaggy and bold, natural-looking, chic, have a sportiness hint and edgy, sexy and sophisticated? The list could go on and on. For instance, a short haircut accentuates high cheek bones.  A good hair stylist will make layers at the trim cheekbones level or smooth...

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Surviving the “Transition Phase”: Tips to Growing Out Your Hair

on Aug 20, 2016

Whether you have a trendy pixie or a fancy bob, the bug may bite at any time for you to grow your locks back out. So what’s a girl to do? Use these practical tips to survive the transition phases you and your head will grow through while you’re trying to get to your ideal length. Keep the Goal in Mind: Research your new ‘do. Pin or print some...

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