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Whether it is your wedding, birthday, Mother’s Day, graduation, pageant, or any other special event, you want to spruce up your look. Having a few tips up your sleeves can help make your day. Make sure that the beauty regime you go for is effective and efficient. The goal is to have a clean as well as a healthy-looking skin complimented with the hair and makeup of your choice. These beauty tips can help make the big day a memorable one: 


Have perfect lips

You want to compliment your dress by choosing the right lipstick, but make sure you clean and moisturize your lips for a flawless application. Exfoliate the lips to remove dead skin, as this will help the lipstick to stay on for longer, let’s say throughout the night.


Have a white smile
You don’t want to taint the perfect look of the lips by not cleaning your teeth. In your special event, you can’t hide that smile, so making the teeth look white is going to create the best moments for you. You may visit a dentist for professional teeth whitening or you can do it at home.


Mask the blemishes
A blemish on the skin can make you uncomfortable in your event. You can however make it less visible by masking it using something like an ice cube to reduce the swelling. If you don’t know how to do it, let a skin makeup specialist help you.


The hair makeup
Your hair is going to determine your finished look. It may not be possible to get that pageant look if you don’t work on your hair. You can use dry shampoo if you have less volume in hair. Better still, have the hair makeup done by a hair stylist.


Eat healthy
Your diet is going to help you achieve flawless skin. Don’t eat salts and sugars because they tend to cause bloating. Also, chewing gums may induce bloating while for the aged, alcohol may lead to water retention, bloating, and dull skin. Go for food items like sushi, veggies, and mini sandwiches. Drink plenty of water to help the skin remain hydrated. 

Are you hosting a special event and what to have the pageant look, let Salon Paradigm take care of your hair and make you feel great.