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What is the Difference Between Ombre and Balayage?

With balayage on the rise in popularity, many people are becoming confused with how it differs from ombre. Is the technique different? Is it the same? Which one should I get? To help with all these questions and which option would be best for your hair, read on!

Ombre refers to the style of when the hair color transitions from a light shade to a darker shade. In some ways, ombre is similar to color blocking. This look creates a nice transition of color leaving no dark pieces of color left on the bottom. More often brunettes are the ones to get ombre in their hair. It works nicely because its a light color transitioning into their darker hair. For blondes, ombres can be done as well. Some stylists call these sombres because it is a subtle technique. If you are considering the ombre look in your hair remember that it is noticeable and requires regular maintenance and care. When done with a professional stylist at Salon Paradigm you’ll be sure to be left with a beautiful look to your hair and receive all the proper tips for maintenance.

A balayage is very similar in terms of style and look to the ombre, except it differs in the technique. The word balayage actually is a French phrase that means “to sweep.” This is very accurate as the technique for a balayage is essentially “sweeping” the color through triangular sections of the hair, generally done onto a board or sometimes foil. A balayage creates a transition of color in the hair similar to the ombre, except this transition is a more natural one. Unlike the ombre, in the balayage, there are dark pieces of hair at the bottom which helps create a more natural look and less of a color blocking. If you are seeking a more natural sunlight look the balayage would be best!